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Reserve date & place order

The date you reserve is the date we expect your flowers to arrive at our studio. We do recommend booking in advance. However if you just found out about us, don't hesitate in trying to give us a call or send us an email and we will do what we can to fit you in and preserve your memories!

You can make the full payment online. (Through our website.)


Or e-transer:

At least half payment is due on drop off of the flowers.

Full payment is due on collection of the frame.


Please note: To ensure optimum quality pressed flowers, we do not accept orders post 5 days after the wedding.


Choose your design

Select your favourite frame and preferred layout for your flower arrangement through our online shop.

Add your items to your cart and check out, don't forget to let us know the date of your event or add any special request.



Drop off your Bouquet

We will send you careful instructions on how to tend to your flowers during this process. You'll receive the drop-off instructions via your email confirmation after placing an order.

*We recommend getting the flowers to our shop no more than 72 hours after the event to ensure they are fresh & happy before pressing. The fresher, the better for the preservation process!


Pressing and Preserving

The drying process begins. We love to put the most time and love we can into every order, For this reason, this process can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks, depending on the flowers and foliage in the bouquet.

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Designing and framing

Once the flowers are dry, we will design your order based on what you have selected. We will send you a complimentary design proof before your flowers are sent to the Framing department.


Pick up

Once the frame is ready, we will contact you and arrange your pick-up date/time or shipping depending on your preference via email.

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